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NHIA is the leading organization providing education, information, advocacy, and resources for the nation’s home and specialty infusion provider community and the manufacturers, suppliers, and service companies that support the field. Founded in 1991, NHIA and its members are committed to ensuring that high-quality infusion services are valued and accessible to all. NHIA is a member-driven organization, guided by a Board of Directors who are leaders in the field. Board officers, NHIA members, and industry experts work together on a variety of committees to address a range of activities, programs, and services of interest to members, patients, and industry.

Membership Categories

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Provider Member

Provider Members compound and deliver medications and provide direct patient care. Many of our provider members represent Home Infusion Therapy pharmacies, specialty pharmacies and alternate site infusion clinics.

Home healthcare nurse
Nursing Provider Member

Nursing Provider Members deliver high quality, patient centered nursing care in the home environment. They often partner with home and specialty infusion pharmacies to complement and deliver care in the alternate infusion site setting.

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Supplier Member

An organization that provides essential products and/or services to the infusion marketplace.

Consultant Member

A consultant offering services in the area of home and specialty infusion therapy.

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Academic and Student Member

An academic institution or full-time student who are interested in alternate-site infusion therapy.