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Currently Enrolling Providers for Telehealth and Professional Services Studies

NHIF is currently enrolling providers for two research studies regarding telehealth and clinical services. The telehealth study is focused on patient satisfaction with telehealth services provided by either pharmacists or nurses. Inclusion criteria will require patients who received both an audio and video visit or intervention with a pharmacist or nurse. The endpoint will be to compare patient satisfaction to the 2019 national benchmarks for patient satisfaction. The clinical services purpose will be to better understand the home infusion pharmacist’s and nurse’s daily tasks and the time commitment for each. To our knowledge, there are no published studies for either study we will be conducting.

If you are interested in participating in either or both of these studies, email ryan.garst@nhia.org.

NHIF publishes official 2019 benchmarks for patient satisfaction with home infusion

The National Home Infusion Foundation has released the first official national benchmarks for patient satisfaction with home infusion. 

Order your copy of NHIF’s 2019 Assessment of Home Infusion Patient Satisfaction study. 

The NHIF 2019 Assessment of Home Infusion of Patient Satisfaction study summarizes data collected from a sample of more than 32,000 home infusion patients and over 6,000 completed surveys.  Key findings include that patients are overwhelmingly satisfied with their home infusion experience and that patients receiving biologic therapies report the highest rates of satisfaction among all therapy categories. 

Organizations that utilize the standardized NHIF patient satisfaction survey tool can compare performance to national standards. The data includes 12 questions with 22 data points based on the NHIF Uniform Patient Satisfaction Survey Questions published in 2017, which cover the essential elements of services when patients receive infusions in the home setting. 


NHIF’s open-access report summarizes the composite scores for the twelve standardized questions, representing the 2019 industry-wide data benchmarks for patient satisfaction.

For more information, or to order your digital copy of the full study now for $55, fill out the order form below and submit to info@nhia.org.