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Listings of up to 100 words are $100 (per month), and $1.50 per word for ads exceeding 100 words. Company logos and a "link" to your company website can also be posted with the listing for an additional charge of $50 each. Logos must be provided in electronic format to NHIA via e-mail at info@nhia.org. (Please note: An NHIA staff member will contact you with the total cost before charging your credit card.)

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If paying by check (NHIA Tax ID: 54-15-95-311), please MAIL this form to NHIA. Check must accompany form by mail.

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If paying by mail or fax, please send form and payment to (payment MUST accompany order):

    100 Daingerfield Road
    Alexandria, VA 22314

    Fax: 703-683-1484 (credit card payments only)