2012 NHIA Annual Conference & Exposition

Concurrent Sesssions—Sales & Marketing Track

sales Sales & Marketing Track

Monday, April 23

sales04-A. Health Care Marketing in an Electronic Age—Choosing the Best Tools for Your Audience


  • Assess the wide range of marketing tools available today, from paper-based to internet/electronic media—and appreciate the role generational differences can have on the effectiveness of each type.
  • Obtain strategies to increase the impact of your marketing focus, including how to create a marketing plan and tailor your messages for maximum effect.
  • Glean meaningful insights into the current regulatory environment and its impact on sales and marketing efforts in the health care industry.

Faculty: Louis C. Feuer, MA, MSW, Principal, Dynamic Seminars and Consulting, Inc., Sunrise, FL

Tuesday, April 24

sales08-B. Essential Communication and Messaging Skills for Sales Professionals


  • Realize what it means to truly listen to others by first silencing your own internal conversation and preparations for responding, so you can genuinely "hear" what the other person is saying.
  • Master essential skills for delivering your message in an authentic manner that inspires confidence and trust.
  • Study key strategies for simplifying the medical jargon so rampant in our industry, allowing you to deliver your message in a way that is easier to understand and is more accessible.

Faculty: Michelle Barry Franco, MA, CPC, Principal, MBF Professional Development, Charlottesville, VA

sales12-C. A Sales Diagnosis and Treatment Plan: Getting the Most from Your Sales Investment


  • Acquire the fundamental components of an effective sales tracking and monitoring program, as you identify your organization's own strengths and opportunities for improvement.
  • Discover tracking and monitoring tools that can be powerful motivators for a sales team.
  • Gain key insights and strategies into the use of sales tracking tools that strengthen your organization's connections within the community, while helping to "turnover-proof" your business.

Faculty: Louis C. Feuer, MA, MSW, Principal, Dynamic Seminars and Consulting, Inc., Sunrise, FL

Wednesday, April 25

sales16-D. Teaching Others about Home Infusion Therapy: Strategies and Resources to Prove Your Value


  • Consider strategies and tools for educating referral sources and key decision makers about the value of home infusion therapy for their specific patients.
  • Develop the skills needed to tailor key messages to your referral source audience through entertaining and memorable role playing demonstrations.
  • Grasp how to assess the success of your organization's efforts through feedback from key stakeholders—identifying and responding to opportunities for improvement that will keep your company thriving in a competitive market.

Faculty: Kelly Aldridge, Regional Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Home Solutions, Northfield, NJ

sales20-E. Establishing a Successful Inotropic Therapy Sales Program


  • Master the foundational elements that must be in place to support the delivery of an inotropic therapy program.
  • Walk through each step as you implement a successful inotropic therapy sales plan case study.
  • Strategize methods for measuring inotropic therapy sales success—from clinical outcomes to financial trending.

Faculty: Jan Juneau, RN, CRNI®, Regional Sales Manager, CarePoint Partners, Metairie, LA and Bill Miller, RPh, Branch Manager, CarePoint Partners, Metairie, LA