2012 NHIA Annual Conference & Exposition

Concurrent Sessions—Leadership, Management & Reimbursement Workshop


Leadership, Management & Reimbursement Workshop

Thursday, April 26

LMRW23-F. The Potential Impact of Health Care Reform on Home Infusion—And the Necessity of Strategic Planning Amid These Changing Times


  • Scan the many elements that are driving the current reform efforts of our nation's health care delivery and reimbursement system.
  • Attain critical insights into the reform measures of the recent past, present and future—distinguishing their potential impact on home infusion provider businesses.
  • Establish the value of strategic planning in these uncertain times—and the role a financial dashboard plays in your organization's ultimate success.

Faculty: Jason Lawhorn, CPA, CITP, MAcc, President and CEO, Lawhorn CPA Group, Inc., Knoxville, TN and Alan K. Parver, Esq., Partner, Polsinelli Shughart PC, Washington, DC

LMRW27-G. Using a Financial Dashboard to Manage Your Business According to Plan


  • Grasp how "financial dashboarding" can transform your strategic plan from a piece of paper to a living, breathing tool that helps you set and reach goals.
  • Delve into strategies that infusion providers have used to achieve success in creating and applying a financial dashboard.
  • Review specific examples of dashboard development and implementation that lead to a positive change in provider organizations.

Faculty: Jason Lawhorn, CPA, CITP, MAcc, President and CEO, Lawhorn CPA Group, Inc., Knoxville, TN

LMRW31-H. Shrinking Margins: Response Strategies That Keep You in the Game


  • Respond to intensifying environmental pressures with routine profitability analysis—identify decreasing costs via labor productivity measurement and management, as well as evaluating cost of goods sold.
  • Assess strategic marketing approaches and specialty drug opportunities as potential methods for increasing revenue streams.
  • Consider the implications of shrinking margins on existing operations—including communications, distribution and contracting.

Faculty: David M. Franklin, MSA, Advanced Care Consulting Services, Shelby Township, MI