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Grassroots Action Center


Every NHIA member is critical to our grassroots efforts.

As we move forward, our ultimate legislative success will require a grassroots presence in every State and Congressional District across the Country.  We need you to be active and engaged! We are requesting that every NHIA member take action in support of home infusion.

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Take Action Now!

You can take action now!  There are several actions that we encourage you take.  We also encourage you to take several actions. Persistence is the key to any advocacy effort!

Tell Your Story

Telling your story is a vital component to driving an understanding of home infusion in Congress and in your community. It has been said before - if you shut up your shut out. Now is the time to tell the world and Congress why home infusion is important to you personally.

Stay In Touch

Congress works in ebbs and flows and NHIA's advocacy efforts will reflect that dynamic.  There are certain times where it will be vitally important for you to reach out to Congress.  NHIA will keep you up to date on our efforts and when we need you to take action.