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Drug Shortage Resource Center

The drug shortage crisis in the U.S. continues to grow, with 228 sterile injectable drugs reported to be in short supply as of February, 2013, compared to just 132 sterile injectable drug shortages reported to the FDA in all of 2010 (University of Utah Drug Information Service).  A number of regulatory efforts and stakeholder collaborations are underway to address the escalating drug shortage crisis, but none represent a short-term or immediate solution. As these groups continue to meet and explore the reasons for the crisis in order to both mitigate the current situation and prevent a recurrence, providers are left to secure the medications their patients need today.

As alternate-site infusion professionals on the front lines of this daily battle, you know all too well the struggle of not only securing enough of the shorted drugs to provide patient care, but also to avoid medication errors as you deal with daily changes in the drugs that are available. Different vial sizes, concentrations, sometimes even a different drug altogether as a therapeutic equivalent—all are changes that require an extraordinary level of communication and collaboration amongst the entire team to minimize the potential for error.

This “NHIA Drug Shortage Resource Center” was created to serve as a portal to the various sources of information and education regarding drug shortages, and to assist alternate-site infusion providers in their management of this complex and challenging situation.  Specific tools and resources can be found in the three sub-pages shown below—click on each topic to access the contents.

Tools and Resources

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Other Information
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