Datae National Home Infusion Foundation

NHIF Comprehensive Home Infusion Provider Survey

Providers wishing to submit data to NHIF through the Provider Survey must sign the NHIF Data Sharing Agreement. Once the agreement has been signed by both parties, a Data Participation Code will be issued to the home infusion provider through Strategic Healthcare Partners (SHP).

Do not share your company’s DPC with anyone except those who will be involved in submitting data to NHIF. The DPC de-identifies and maintains the confidentiality of your data. Never share your DPC with NHIF or NHIA staff.

Once you have your DPC, then you can submit your locations’ survey responses through the link provided to Survey Monkey. The survey questions that require a response are marked with an asterisk. Most questions require a response, but there are a few optional questions included in the survey. Please do not start the electronic survey until you have collected your data and can complete every required question. A PDF version of the survey is provided to help you prepare for completing the survey in Survey Monkey. Many questions will require you to collect data from your pharmacy software system. Please contact Jennifer Lyons if you have questions about enrolling or if you do not understand how to respond to a question in the survey.

NHIF plans to publish a final report, “Trends in Home Infusion” later in 2019, if there is sufficient participation to ensure the data is representative of the industry. Providers, that complete the survey by June, 28 2019, will receive a copy of the survey results. Publication of the publicly available document depends on whether a minimum number of survey responses are received. Participating in the survey does guarantee access to the results, even if participation is not sufficient to publish a publicly available report.

Thank you for your participation in this endeavor. Being able to describe the size, scope, and structure of the infusion industry and the patients being served is critical to achieving success in advocacy and for advancing the industry overall.

NOTE: You must have a DPC code to complete the survey. Do not begin the survey until you have prepared your responses using the PDF version of the questionnaire.

For questions about this program, email Jennifer Lyons at