Patient Satisfaction Benchmarking Program

Enrollment is Open for the Initial Sample Interval of the 2019 Patient Satisfaction Benchmarking Program.

The National Home Infusion Foundation (NHIF) Benchmarking Program aims to collect industry-wide, standardized data to establish a national reference point (benchmark) for performance metrics that have the potential to improve the quality and efficiency of patient care. These benchmarks will represent the standard for which providers can compare their individual performance. Without the ability to compare results, data from an individual location lacks context. Overall, benchmarking makes data more actionable by identifying performance gaps and acknowledging industry best practices. The first benchmarking metric will allow comparisons between organizations using the NHIF Uniform Patient Satisfaction Survey Questions.

The following tools are provided to help organizations prepare for enrolling in industry-wide benchmarking. The Patient Satisfaction Benchmarking Guide provides a detailed overview of the program structure and participation requirements.  After reviewing the Guide, locations that are interested in participating in benchmarking can submit an application to Jennifer Lyons at Upon receiving the application, a representative of NHIF will contact your organization to determine the next appropriate step in the validation process.

NHIF will conduct regular webinars to review the benchmarking program and answer questions about how to participate. The first two webinars are scheduled for September 13 at 12pm EDT and October 2 at 2pm EDT. You can register for the webinar by selecting the link below.

Register here for the September 13, 2018, 12pm EDT webinar.

Register here for the October 2, 2018, 2pm EDT webinar.

Patient Satisfaction Benchmarking Resources


The first benchmarking sample interval is from January 1, 2019 to March 31, 2019. Locations that are able to submit data for all three months may apply to participate in the interval. The deadline to apply is December 1, 2018.

The second quarter sample interval application period will open on January 1, 2019 for locations that can submit data for the months of April, May, and June of 2019.

If you have questions about the patient satisfaction benchmarking program or want to check on the status of an application, please email Jennifer Lyons at