Board of Directors

Debbie Cain, RN, CRNI®

Debbie Cain, RN, CRNI, is President of Home Parenteral Services in Springfield, MO. Previously, she was Vice President of Operations and Director of Nursing. Earlier, Debbie was Relief Nurse for St. John's Home Care and before that served as Staff Nurse and Team Leader at St John's Regional Health Center.

Debbie has worked in the home infusion industry for close to twenty-five years. A pioneer in the field of infusion therapy, Debbie was among the first in her profession to adopt the use of PICC line technology as a more effective and patient-friendly way to deliver IV therapy at home.  She has extensive experience providing continuing education, and has presented to local, state, regional, and national audiences on a wide variety of topics, including implementation of home care and hospital-based PICC programs and vascular access device care in the home. 

An active participant in the National Home Infusion Association since 1997, Debbie has served on the Association's membership committee, the Standards and Accreditation Committee, and the Education Committee, where she served as chair from 2002-2003. Debbie served two terms on the NHIA Board of Directors and served as secretary for 2 years.  In 2010, Debbie received NHIA's Gene Graves Lifetime Achievement Award for her leadership role in advancing the delivery of intravenous medicines to home-based patients. 

Debbie lends her leadership support to various other organizations including the Missouri Alliance for Home Care, the National Association of Vascular Access Networks, and the Intravenous Nursing Society.  She is on the Board of the Missouri Home Infusion Association, and previously served as its president. In 2003, the Missouri Alliance for Home Care, presented her with the organization's Leadership Award in recognition of contributions she made toward the advancement of the home care industry and her ongoing efforts to improve the quality of patient care.

Debbie received her nursing degree from St. John's School of Nursing in Springfield, MO.