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What's Next

The future success of the home infusion field depends on an expanded commitment to data collection in order to describe the size and scope of our field, and to measure the quality and value of our services. NHIA is committed to leading the industry's data efforts and has several initiatives on the horizon, which are codified in the NHIA Strategic Plan.

Future Outcomes Measures Activities

Finalizing the Patient Outcomes Data Element Definitions

Once the comment period for the Revised Definitions for Patient Outcomes Data Elements closes on September 30th, 2015, the Outcomes Task Force will review the submissions, make any necessary changes and publish the final form of each definition.  Members who adopt the standardized definitions will be eligible to participate in future NHIA outcome measure pilot programs, and will be better prepared to meet the requirements commercial payers are beginning to establish in evolving patient outcomes-based health care reimbursement programs.

Developing Outcome Measures

NHIA is applying for membership to the National Quality Forum (NQF) in preparation for the next phase of Outcome Measure development. NQF endorsement is considered the gold standard for health care measurement in the United States, and the federal government and many private sector entities often refer to NQF-endorsed measures. NQF membership will provide access to mentoring and support from NQF staff for the NHIA Outcomes Task Force during the measure development process.

Building a Data Infrastructure

NHIA understands that confidentiality and security of all types of provider-submitted data is critical to the participation of members in data projects. In order to achieve the level of provider participation necessary to deliver sufficient data to support the NHIA data initiative objectives, the tools and processes used to extract the data must guarantee that the data is secure and accurate. NHIA is actively engaged in the development of new programs and tools that will automate and facilitate an accurate and secure transfer of data for all data initiative projects.

Phase II Provider Survey

NHIA is preparing for a second provider survey to update the industry data collected in 2010.  A first of its kind, the 2010 report defined the size and scope of the infusion industry, and provided an in-depth analysis of multiple data points such as the number of patients by age and therapy categories; revenue by therapy and payer type and full-time equivalent staffing for key positions; and providers' pump utilization. The Phase II effort will update our industry profile and offer providers additional opportunities to benchmark their individual organizations.  

National Home Infusion Foundation Project to Measure Satisfaction

Concurrently, and in support of the industry's data initiative efforts, the National Home Infusion Foundation (NHIF) is seeking funding for a related project: the development of a universal patient satisfaction survey tool to assess patient's experience with the infusion care received. Assessing patient experiences across organizations is a core requirement for Medicare service providers. In 2002, Medicare partnered with the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRC) to develop standardized patient experience questionnaires that can be used to compare results across providers over time. Developing a standardized set of questions to be used by all infusion providers when gathering patient feedback would yield valuable industry data. To learn more about how to support the efforts of NHIF, click here.