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Important Notice: The currently published Definitions for Patient Outcome Data Elements are undergoing final revision to incorporate feedback submitted during the open comment period by industry stakeholders. The final definitions will be released for implementation in January 2016.

Frequently Asked Questions

(last updated 5/28/2010 5:10 PM)


  1. What is the 2010 NHIA Provider Survey? This survey is Phase I of NHIA’s Industry-Wide Data Initiative, a multi-phased effort aimed at understanding the size, scope and characteristics of the alternate-site infusion industry that will serve a number of goals in the coming years, including but not limited to:
    1. Achieve legislation for an expanded home infusion Medicare benefit: we need data that demonstrates the cost-effectiveness and quality of home infusion therapy. Today, we lack even the most basic data about the size and scope of our industry, and this is hurting our legislative efforts.
    2. Pay-for-performance initiatives in acute care are revolutionizing clinical practice by directly linking reimbursement to successful avoidance of complications. The movement of these requirements into the alternate site is a matter of time—how will we respond if we can’t articulate evidence-based best practices for our setting?
    3. Industry-wide benchmarking is needed to establish best practices that improve quality of care and organizational performance. To discover what’s possible in our industry, we need to collaborate on a large scale and produce the data that is essential to delivering results.
  2. Why should my company/organization participate in this study? NHIA has made it possible for infusion provider companies to collaborate and confidentially share information that will allow the industry to move forward in accomplishing many data-dependent goals. Together, providers can join forces, and contribute to the collective information that will begin to fully tell our industry story—using our field’s own data, as we demonstrate our value in the larger health care picture! We cannot do this alone, and we can’t do it with just a handful of organizations. EACH and EVERY organization is critically needed to assist with gathering the data that is urgently required on so many fronts.
    • Validate NHIA’s legislative agenda—bring a meaningful Medicare benefit for home infusion therapy to fruition
    • Provide a comprehensive snapshot of the industry—benchmark your company’s responses when survey results are published
    • Lay the foundation for future clinical and operational benchmarking efforts—improve the quality of care and services for our patients
    • Assist our business partners in meeting the needs of our field—benefit from on-target product development and innovation
    • Create the justification for compensation in the emerging value-based reimbursement model— proactively attain proper compensation for your services amid a shifting landscape
  3. Who will see my data? NHIA is committed to handling all data in a private and secure manner, and intends to report results in the aggregate only. All survey responses and raw data will be password restricted and only accessible by those individuals directly involved in data analysis, specifically Kristen Santaromita, Associate Director of Research & Education and Nancy Kramer, Vice President, Clinical Affairs. For more information, please see the 2010 NHIA Provider Survey Confidentiality Statement available at www.nhia.org/data/confidentiality.
  4. How long does this survey take? Pilot testing revealed that the Phase I: 2010 NHIA Provider Survey takes between 2 and 3 hours to prepare for and complete. Actual time on the survey tool itself, when all reports and data sources are gathered in advance, is less than 30 minutes. We understand and appreciate the time-commitment you are making to complete this survey-- we believe that obtaining accurate, industry-wide data will greatly improve our legislative efforts and enable our members to not only anecdotally, but also quantitatively, describe how they provide cost-effective, quality care. Your time is a valuable and meaningful contribution to the Industry-Wide Data Initiative!
  5. Do I have to finish this survey in one sitting? No.

    If you would like to suspend the survey and complete it at a later time, click “Finish Later” at the bottom of any screen.

    When you log on to complete the survey later, your earlier responses will be saved and you may resume the survey from the point at which you stopped. Once you complete the survey and click the Submit button, your answers will be saved and you will no longer be able to access the survey or your responses. Please see question # 10 for how to save a copy of your responses.
  6. Must my organization/company be an NHIA member to participate in this survey? All infusion provider organizations, regardless of NHIA membership status, are encouraged to participate in this open survey. The survey is not limited to a random sample. Your participation is critical to ensure that enough data is collected to accurately describe the alternate-site infusion field.
  7. Who should complete the survey? The survey asks for a wide range of operational and financial data, and is most easily completed by the highest operational manager /director at each location/branch; i.e. executive director, branch manager, pharmacy manager, etc. However, NHIA encourages survey respondents to collaborate with department managers and anyone else who might lend their expertise towards providing the most accurate and meaningful data.
  8. How do I change a response if I make a data-entry mistake? At any point in the survey, you may back up using the “Back" button and change your prior responses. Simply re-enter your responses from the point at which you resume the survey.
  9. What is the survey deadline? July 30, 2010.
  10. Will I be able to see/print/save my survey responses after completing the survey? Upon completion of the survey, each survey participant will receive an email with a link to a summary of their responses. PLEASE NOTE: This is the only opportunity for participating organizations to save survey responses for future reference. NHIA advises participants to print and/or save this information for future benchmarking against the aggregate results when a final report becomes available.
  11. Where can I see results of the study? Final aggregate results will be published by NHIA in late summer of 2010. Participating infusion provider branches/sites will receive complimentary access to this report when available. Access to the report by non-participating NHIA members and non-member stakeholders is still to be determined.