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NHIA Industry-Wide Data Initiative Confidentiality Statement

  • This research project will be conducted in accordance with all aspects of the Ethics Code of the American Association of Public Opinion Researchers (AAPOR), thereby protecting respondent confidentiality.
  • Of particular significance, we will honor clause D-2 of the AAPOR Ethics Code, which reads "Unless the respondent waives confidentiality for specified uses, we shall hold as privileged and confidential all information that might identify a respondent with his or her responses. We shall also not disclose or use the names of respondents for non-research purposes unless the respondent grants us permission to do so."
  • All data will be used in a de-identified manner to protect the identity of individual respondents and their affiliate organizations. That is, the survey responses will not be integrated, analyzed, or reported in any way in which the confidentiality of the survey responses is not ensured.
    1. NHIA will not use survey data in any manner related to NHIA membership status or terms.
    2. NHIA will not sell or otherwise provide contact information to anyone.
    3. NHIA may contact you following your submission, for the purpose of clarifying your responses to the survey.
    4. NHIA will retain sole ownership of all raw data.
  • All survey responses and raw data will be password restricted and only accessible by those individuals directly involved in data analysis.
  • Further analysis of any data gathered throughout the NHIA Industry-Wide Data Initiative, will be conducted in a manner consistent with this Confidentiality Statement.
  • If you have any questions about this information, please contact Connie Sullivan, RPh, NHIA's Senior Director of Education & Data and NHIF Vice President of Research, at connie.sullivan@nhia.org.