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Opening General Session & Keynote Speaker

Power of Connections

Monday, April 23, 2018 • 4:15 PM - 5:45 PM

If we could walk in the patient’s shoes, we would discover that their entire experience is made up of many moments connections, where each step and every employee interaction matters. While random acts of kindness are good, the real key to improving patient experiences and building loyalty lies in your ability to empower employees to intentionally and consistently orchestrate connections, rather than leaving them to chance. The secret is to take random acts of kindness and hardwire them so those moments - those connections - become business as usual. Ultimately, we must apply the same rigor to service excellence as we do to clinical expertise and we do this through the power of connections. Join Jake Poore as he guides attendees toward improving the patient experience. es.

About Jake Poore

Jake Poore is President & Chief Experience Officer, Integrated Loyalty Systems. Unlike typical trainers or keynote speakers, Jake Poore spends most of his time in the trenches of healthcare, working side by side clinical and non-clinical care team members on every step of the patient experience.

You may find him shadowing a nurse on a medical-surgical floor, observing pre-op surgery, secret shopping the waiting room of a doctor’s office or conducting patient focus groups.

As Founder and President of ILS, Jake knows what it takes to create and maintain a world-class service organization. He should... he spent nearly two decades at the Walt Disney World Company in Florida helping to recruit, hire, train and align their 65,000 employees toward one end in mind: creating memorable experiences for individuals, not transactions for the masses. In 1996, Jake helped launch the Disney Institute, the external training arm of Disney that sold its business secrets to the world. 80 percent of the people who attended the Institute were from healthcare…and Jake’s passion for helping to improve healthcare began.

Just after September 11, 2001, Jake launched Integrated Loyalty Systems, a company on a mission to help elevate the human side of healthcare. Since then, Jake and his team of experts have been sharing the organizational blueprints needed to build world class patient experiences by helping them design and execute patient-driven cultural blueprints, define the companies’ patient experience strategy and map out and operationalize the ideal patient and employee experience.

Team ILS has successfully helped many healthcare organizations make cultural transformations including: Kaiser Permanente, Cigna Medical Group, Augusta Health, Dignity Health and their 75 medical practices, Baystate Health, Penn Medicine, Ochsner Health System, National Rehabilitation Hospital, and BJC Healthcare’s ProgressWest Hospital.

Jake is faculty for ACHE and for the past 8 years has been teaching a 2- day course — sharing the blueprints for designing exceptional patient experiences.

In his free-time, he enjoys sailing, golf, and photography. He lives in Orlando with his wife and their three beautiful children.