Roundtables Sessions

An all-time conference favorite, the NHIA Roundtables program provides a unique gathering where you and your team can engage in shared-learning with industry experts and colleagues as you discuss common interests, consider new solutions to challenges impacting your business, and address critical issues facing the field today.


Each 90-minute session allows you to participate in three separate small group discussions.  Attending both sessions of CE-approved Roundtables will give you double the time to gain new insight, experience, and ideas from other conference attendees.  Attend both Roundtables sessions; choose up to six subjects that fit your interests; and obtain a total of 3.0 contact hours!

Interested in facilitating a Roundtable or have an idea for discussion?  Contact NHIA at: 703-838-2660.


Roundtables Session I

Tuesday, May 23

5:00-6:30 PM

Continuing Education Contact Hours: Pharmacy and Nursing: 1.5 hours

Supported by an educational grant from RMS Medical Products


Roundtables Session II

Wednesday, May 24

3:15-4:45 PM

Continuing Education Contact Hours: Pharmacy and Nursing: 1.5 hours


Topics to date include:

  1. Adopting Digital Technology in a Home Infusion Pharmacy
  2. Beyond Use Dating
  3. Choosing an Accrediting Organization
  4. Competitive Bidding Updates
  5. Creating a Mobile PICC/Midline Unit
  6. Developing a Web Presence
  7. Electronic Reimbursement Issues—Getting the Most from Your Electronic Data
  8. Enhancing Compounding Efficiency and Safety with New Technologies
  9. Is My Data Significant? Basic Statistical Tools for Understanding Your Data
  10. Managing Reactions to Subcutaneous Immune Globulin (SCIG) Therapy
  11. Measuring Patient Satisfaction Using NHIA’s Standardized Questions
  12. Medicare Denials:  An Alternative for Protracted ALJ Hearing Delays
  13. Medicare Updates and Hot Topics (Jurisdictions A & D Tuesday, B & C Wednesday)
  14. National Supplier Clearinghouse Updates
  15. Optimizing Infusion Pump Safety
  16. Patient Deliveries—Managing the Logistics
  17. Pharmacy Technician Clean Room Training Programs
  18. PICCs vs. Midlines—Choosing/Placing the Right Line
  19. Reimbursement Trends in h Immune Globulin Therapy
  20. Selling Customer Service
  21. Smart Pump Technology in the Home
  22. Staffing Models
  23. USP <800>
  24. When Your Clean Room Isn’t So Clean…


More topics coming soon!

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