2017 NHIA Executive Pre-Conference

Business Sustainability and Growth in Tumultuous Times

Supported by an educational grant from Managed Health Care Associates, Inc.


Date:  Monday, May 22

Time:  8:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Room: Hilton Orlando


Continuing Education Contact Hours:  Pharmacy and Nursing: 4.0


Education Overview:

The NHIA Executive Pre-Conference is designed for senior executives, owners, managers and all industry professionals seeking to better understand the key drivers of change in the health care marketplace, how those changes impact home and specialty infusion, and which strategies are advantageous for identifying and embracing new opportunities. Hear from veteran, highly skilled home infusion leaders and health care experts as you investigate key opportunities for achieving alternate-site infusion business success. From developing a site of care optimization program for specialty therapies, to strengthening your ability to effectively lead through periods of upheaval and change, this program will provide new and timely insights for all home and specialty infusion leaders.  Sessions already confirmed include the following:

  • The State of the Industry—A Comprehensive Overview
    A comprehensive overview of the regulatory, legislative, reimbursement and pharmaceutical industry changes in the past year that are shaping the landscape for alternate-site infusion businesses, including the impact of the 2016 election.  Equip yourself with the critical intelligence essential for taking action and forging a productive path forward for your business, your patients and our industry.   
    Michael J. Sicilian, President, Managed Health Care Associates, Inc., Florham Park, NJ

  • Securing Employee Buy-In to Change Initiatives—What Every Leader Needs to Know About Effective Communication
    When it comes to change, there’s what you say and what they actually hear. This talk takes an amusing, insightful look at the most common change/communication mistakes and how to avoid them as participants discover how to flex to the style of their team to maximize commitment and energy around execution of change initiatives. Learn why over-applying the golden rule gets leaders in trouble, as you walk through communication strategies specifically geared toward three types of followers to change: The Advocate, the Ambivalent, and the Critic.
    Faculty: Daniel Silvert, President, Velocity Advisory Group, Chester Springs, PA

  • Developing a Specialty Pharmacy Site of Care Optimization Program
    Grasp the health care system dynamics that are driving payer interest in site of care optimization for specialty pharmaceuticals, and the opportunities this represents for home infusion providers. Identify essential program components, taking home tools and implementation strategies for educating prescribers, patients, payers and staff. 
    Daniel Teich, PharmD, Pharmacy Manager, Fairview Home Infusion, Minneapolis, MN; Additional faculty to be announced.

  • The Power of Patient Perception: How Satisfaction Data is Defining Quality in Value-based Reimbursement Models 
    Efforts to reform healthcare payment models to incentivize value and quality have become the norm among Medicare-based healthcare providers.  How patients rate the care they receive is having significant influence in value-based models impacting everything from payment rates to participation in provider networks.  The National Home Infusion Foundation recently completed a research study to develop uniform, validated patient satisfaction survey questions to improve home infusion provider's ability to assess the effectiveness of their services.  Until now, the home infusion industry has lacked a standardized, validated instrument to measure patient's perceptions of the care they received.  While patient satisfaction surveys have existed for decades as a means of assessing one's services, the industry has not been able to report results of infusion patient satisfaction in a manner meeting Medicare standards.  This program will discuss the benefits of having a validated survey instrument and how patient satisfaction will ultimately influence how home infusion care is delivered and paid for in a value-based environment.
    Connie Sullivan, R.Ph., Vice President of Research and Innovation, National Home Infusion Association. Additional faculty to be named.


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