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CD Rom and Online Library

Need economically priced, comprehensive training programs for every member of your alternate-site infusion therapy team?

NHIA Has The Answers!

The 2012 NHIA Annual Conference & Exposition CD Rom and Online Library are Now Available. Providing training from more than 40 educational programs taught by industry experts on the following hot topics:


  • Decision-Making that Balances Clinical Care with Costs
  • Symptom Management in End-of-Life Care
  • Inotropic Therapy, Treatment of Hereditary Angioedema, & IgG Administration Options
  • Strategies for Effective Staff Education Programs
  • Novel Technologies in VAD Care & Maintenance
  • Capturing & Reporting VAD Outcomes; Pediatric VAD Guidelines; Riding Shotgun with an HIT Nurse
  • Comprehensive Full-Day Drug Shortages Workshop
  • New Drugs & Biologics Approved in 2011
  • Safe Delivery of Parenteral Nutrition Therapy


  • Medicare Audits- Types, Trends & Preparation
  • Bankruptcy, Estates & Divorce and Other Self-Pay Scenarios: Avoiding Legal Pitfalls
  • Reversing Rejection Claims
  • Fundamentals of Reimbursement
  • Making the Transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10
  • Using a Financial Dashboard to Manage Your Business


  • Aligning Corporate Cultures in Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Creating Value Through Utilization, Quality Outcomes and Benchmarking
  • Mobile Technology Solutions for Alternate-Site Challenges
  • Advanced Presentation Skills
  • A Case Study in Collaboration: Delaware Cancer Treatment Task Force
  • Health Care Reform and the Necessity of Strategic Planning, Financial Dashboarding, and Response Strategies for Shrinking Margins
  • State of the Industry, the Pharmaceutical Pipeline, Mergers & Acquisitions From the Buyer's Perspective, and CEO's Unplugged: Six Industry Leaders Sharing Their Perspectives on our Field's Greatest Challenges and Opportunities


  • Healthcare Marketing in an Electronic Age
  • Essential Communication and Messaging Skills for Sales Professionals
  • Sales Diagnosis and Treatment Plan: Getting the Most From Your Sales Investment
  • Teaching Others About Home Infusion Therapy: Strategies & Resources to Prove Your Value
  • Establishing A Successful Inotropic Sales Program
  • Taking Flight! Mastering the Four Behavioral Styles That Can Transform Your Relationships, and Cultivating a Service-Rooted Partnership Between Sales and Intake Teams

Flexible Purchasing Options At Affordable Prices!

2012 Annual Conference CD Rom:
The complete CD package includes all concurrent sessions, Executive Pre-Conference & all Symposia!

2008 to 2012 Annual Conference Online Libraries:
Download electronic files of the last five annual conferences and create your own custom library!

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