Medicare Part B Resources

The Tools You Need to Understand the Transitional Reimbursement Law


Medicare Part D Resources

NHIA has compiled the attached resources to assist you in gaining a further understanding of the legislation and in advocating for passage of (title of new bill).

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The best way to bring any issue to life is to show legislators how people are affected by Medicare's policies. Stories about real Medicare beneficiaries being denied access to home infusion and forced to get care in an acute setting will speak volumes. It happens every day; we need to make your elected officials see it.


Compounding Pharmacy Resources

The following resources provide information about home infusion and advocacy issues relating to sterile compounding:

Office Use Compounding and Home Infusion

Office Use Compounding and Your Home Infusion Practice Due to the changing regulatory climate regarding office use compounding NHIA has released a guidance to members regarding office use compounding. Because office use is not what NHIA would consider a central activity of a home infusion pharmacy, NHIA has not taken a position on the regulation of office use compounding. NHIA’s primary mission is to ensure the safety of the patients served by our members and feels strongly that patient’s home infusion needs can be met through compliance within the structure of 503A regulations. We highly recommend that NHIA members stay current on how the FDA and states are regulating alternative compounding activities, such as office use, and consider altering your practices to stay in compliance with new regulations. Read NHIA’s “Office Use Compounding and Your Home Infusion Practice”.

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