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PITCH In (Promote Infusion Therapy Coverage at Home)


About PITCH In

What does PITCH stand for?

PITCH stands for Promote Infusion Therapy Coverage at Home. It represents the need for the home infusion community to work together to ensure Medicare beneficiaries have access to infusion therapy in their homes not just in physician's offices, hospitals, and other institutional settings. As members of the home infusion community working to improve patient out comes, you can play a role in advancing Medicare reform by contributing to PITCH In.

Why was this effort started?

NHIA is leading the battle to promote home infusion coverage in Medicare and continues to dedicate considerable resources into advocating in Congress and with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to promote the value of home infusion therapy so that lawmakers will act to change the Medicare program. However, the resource-intensive effort to drive legislation through Congress requires additional expenditures. NHIA needs your help as we push forward with a concerted effort in government affairs, public relations, grassroots activism, and media awareness. All of these activities, in coordination, are necessary if we want Congress to change Medicare policy to benefit beneficiaries in need of home infusion therapy.

Why donate?  

Whether you are a provider of home infusion therapy or a supplier to the field, you have a keen interest in making sure Medicare beneficiaries can receive infusion therapy in the home setting. Medicare coverage of home infusion therapy will positively impact patients and the field long-term. Consider contributing to NHIA in support of the accelerated legislative battle now underway.

How can I contribute?  

Contributions of any size will be accepted and well spent on this timely effort in making this long overdue change to Medicare. Download the contribution form and join other advocates who are making a difference in Washington, DC. NHIA will recognize donors* using print or electronic vehicles.

*Contributions to this campaign are not tax deductible for income tax purposes. Donors may choose to be anonymous or recognized by NHIA.