Provider Member Net Sales: Dues:
Less than $500,000 $800
$500,000 – $999,999 $1,200
1 million – 2.99 million $1,800
3 million – 5.99 million $2,500
6 million – 8.99 million $4,000
9 million – 11.99 million $5,675
12 million – 14.99 million $6,750
15 million – 19.99 million $9,000
20 million – 29.99 million $12,000
30 million – 49.99 million $18,000
50 million – 99.99 million $27,500
100 million – 499.99 million $65,000
500 million - 999.99 million $100,000
1 billion and above $120,000

Provider Membership
An organization actively engaged in the provision of alternate-site infusion therapy is eligible for membership as an NHIA Provider Member:

  • NHIA provider membership is based upon the company provider dues schedule to the right.
  • The benefits of NHIA membership are available to all employees of a member company.
  • The annual dues payment is based upon a company’s net sales revenue from its infusion business (“Net revenue” refers to an organization’s total net revenue from infusion and injectable drugs, as well as enteral and parenteral nutrition therapies).
  • NHIA operates under an honor system for reporting net sales—the success of the association depends upon all members paying their appropriate dues.
  • Click here for NHIA Provider Membership Application or here to return to the Provider Membership landing page.

Please feel free to direct all provider member inquiries and comments to
Patricia Adair at 703-838-2668 or

Other Membership Categories
If you are not employed by an infusion provider, this dues schedule does not pertain to you. The following membership categories would apply:

  • Supplier Membership: A company, not otherwise qualified for membership, that engages through manufacturing, wholesale, reimbursement services, consulting services or is otherwise in a business that supports or enhances alternate-site infusion therapy practice is eligible for this category (the existing business firm membership schedule applies: call 703-838-2665 for more information).
  • Individual Consulting Practice Affiliate Membership: A self-employed individual operating as a singular consultant to businesses in the alternate-site infusion field not otherwise qualified for membership is eligible for this category at an annual fee of $800 (Note: All other consulting practices fall under Supplier Membership).
  • Individual Affiliate Membership: An individual not otherwise employed by an organization qualified for membership (in any of the above membership categories) that has a vested interest in advancing alternate-site infusion therapy practice is eligible for this category at an annual fee of $500.

For any questions or comments that you have about the above non-provider membership categories, kindly contact Patricia Adair now at 703-838-2668 or