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Aggressive Advocacy and Comprehensive Data—Requirements for Success
January 27, 2010
12:00 – 1:30PM* EST

*Please Note: The last 30 minutes of this Membership Forum is scheduled for additional Q&A, as needed.

January 27, 2010 Talk Infusion Membership Forum Program Description:

Health care reform legislation and its repercussions are expected to drive changes across the entire health care industry for many years to come. Alternate-site infusion providers not only need to understand the ever-shifting direction health care reform is taking, but must be prepared to respond accordingly—all while collaborating together in new and meaningful ways to generate the industry data critically needed to achieve success.

Please join NHIA ‘s panel of experts for an informative, interactive discussion examining the significant impact the current health care reform bill is anticipated to have on our field—and the need to move as quickly as possible to fill the significant data void that exists and obstructs our progress:

  • Hear about the progress and obstacles regarding full coverage of home infusion therapies under NHIA’s proposed legislation (S. 254/H.R. 574).
  • Receive an update on new government-sponsored home infusion studies (GAO and MedPAC).
  • Gain an understanding of some of the changes that will come during the next stage of health care.
  • Learn why NHIA’s new Industry-Wide Data Initiative is critical to the future holistic success of the field—and how it will generate data severely needed to fill the information gaps that haunt and hinder our true progress in Washington.
  • Review the far-reaching plan for the entire initiative, which formally starts on January 27th with the launch of Phase 1 of this vital project—The 2010 NHIA Provider Survey.
  • Comprehend how the various components of the Data Initiative will ultimately help you ensure quality of care and service with the ability to benchmark clinical outcomes with your peers in the field.

Faculty: Russ Bodoff, President, NHIA; Lynn Giglione, Chair, NHIA Board of Directors; Nancy Kramer, VP of Clinical Affairs, NHIA; John Magnuson, VP Legislative Affairs, NHIA; Alan K. Parver, Partner, Bryan Cave LLP; and Kristen Santaromita, Associate Director of Education & Research, NHIA