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NHIA Coalition Letter to Fix ASP Reimbursement Gap

The best way to get the attention of Congress is to make sure everyone on Capitol Hill understands the magnitude of the ASP reimbursement problem. The Association asked patient advocacy groups; hospital systems; physician groups; national and local medical societies and associations; and home infusion providers and partners, to speak out about the inequity of imposing an ASP-based reimbursement reduction without a commensurate payment for infusion services. The home infusion coalition letter urges Congress to align the effective dates of ASP reimbursement for Part B DME infusion drugs with the infusion services payment in early 2017.  The letter has over 170 signing organizations.  Congress must act now to fix the gap in reimbursement.


The deadline for signing-on to the Coalition Letter has passed. NHIA is thankful to the organizations that signed-on to the letter. If you have any questions about the letter or would like to support the effort to fix the ASP reimbursement gap, please contact Kendall Van Pool, NHIA’s Vice-President of Legislative Affairs by e-mail at: kendallvanpool@nhia.org.


See the letter and signers here.


Make Your Voice Heard

Get involved today! Make your voice heard by joining with health care providers, suppliers, caregivers, and patients within the home infusion community to speak out about the inequity imposing an Average Sales Price (ASP) reimbursement reduction without a corresponding payment for infusion services is having on Medicare home infusion patients. Learn how.


Write Your Members of Congress

Raising the ASP issue and educating elected officials on behalf of Medicare infusion patients will increase awareness of the challenges Medicare beneficiaries and infusion providers are facing with the implementation of ASP reimbursement.


Writing Your Members of Congress, or any other elected official, isn’t hard or time-consuming. NHIA has made it easy with the use of the tool below. Join NHIA in helping to get the word out about the need to close the gap between ASP reimbursement and Part B Durable Medical Equipment (DME) coverage of home infusion services.  Speak out on the importance of attaining a services and supplies payment for Part D infusion drugs. Make your voice heard today!


Share Stories

Read stories about patients impacted by the lack of Medicare coverage of home infusion therapy. Share your own story.


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take action

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